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Are you sick of the hard sell?  Are you looking for top quality products

supplied and installed for Amazingly Reasonable Prices

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We supply and fit, or supply only, top quality products which are installed by our own efficient and reliable fitters, not by sub contractors. We pay particular attention to customer service, before, during and after ordering and will deal with your enquiry, your order, and the installation promptly and with courtesy.  We will also ensure as little disturbance and mess as possible during installation.   See examples of Windows supplied and fitted by Amazing Glazing

Amazing Glazing is Registered with Fensa (Reg. No. 16059) therefore ensuring all our products and work meet up to date requirements. (See Building Control Services Information Sheet for further information.)  We are also a member of the Plastics Window Federation, and use high quality German products from REHAU Systems.

Our products are fitted with K Glass coating which allows heat in but not out.  This not only saves energy by reducing heat loss but it also helps in keeping your home cool in hot weather.  We adhere strictly to current Building Regulations to ensure safety.

If installed by Amazing Glazing, as well as providing an efficient and caring service during the fitting, the product will carry a written ten year guarantee. "Supply only products bought from us carry a written ten year guarantee.

With most our work being obtained through personal recommendations from satisfied customers, we firmly believe it benefits everyone for us to maintain our excellent quality and affordable prices. Note:  Since 1st April, 2002 you will require Building Regulation Certification and the written guarantee to ensure the successful sale of your property at its current market value.


A modern house fitted with Rehau windows and door

The turn around time of orders is usually within four weeks

When replacing windows, whether all or some, it is important to choose a style in keeping with your house.  With our advice and expertise, and REHAU's range of styles, we are able to guide or assist you in this respect.  In the same way we will help ensure the handles are also in keeping with the style of your home.  Modern handles also contain locks relieving the need for the clutter of a separate, sometimes unsightly lock.  Back to top

Rehau’s windows are designed to keep the heat in and any external heat from hot weather out.

REHAU has been manufacturing PVC u windows and doors for over 40 years.  Their products undergo thorough testing and quality control and are approved by independent bodies such as the British Standards Association (BSA).

All windows using REHAU profiles present a serious deterrent to all but the most determined burglar, however if you require extra peace of mind, we can incorporate extra security features into the windows.  For example, REHAU offers RAUSECUR, a unique adhesive security gasket system.  RAUSECUR bonds to the glass once in position helping to prevent its removal, even assuming the burglar manages to get past the outer bead.

Wood effect bow window

Security and Safety:  With a high percentage by opportunists on easy targets, no home owner nowadays can afford to neglect basic security precautions.

A bungalow fitted with Rehau windows

With double glazed replacement windows made from REHAU profiles, you can choose your own level of security by incorporating the latest locking systems.  For the safety conscious, tilt and turn windows provide a large unrestricted opening for use as an emergency exit.  Special hinges are also available for casement windows, so they can be opened wide in emergencies.

Toughened glass (complying with British Standard) is used for all glazing under 800 mm from floor level for extra strength and for your peace of mind.

You can sleep safe at night in the knowledge that PVC U is self extinguishing and will not burn unless exposed to a powerful and continuous heat source.

are well established in the UK market and are a very popular option.  When opened in the tilt position, these windows facilitate air circulation in a room within just a few minutes, ideal for hot summer evenings. In the turn or fully open position, tilt and turn windows provide a convenient answer to cleaning hard to reach windows as they can be swung through 180 degrees and cleaned from the inside.  Available in white, warm mahogany and golden oak finishes, tilt and turn windows can exactly match the finish of your casement windows.   Back to top

Tilt and turn window
Tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn Windows: Also called Continental style windows.

White window frame with Georgian effect glazing

We offer many different styles, including bay and bow windows, to ensure that we meet your requirement.  

Decorative sash horns can be added to provide the authentic appearance of a boxed sash window and arched head inserts are also available for the cottage style of window.  

Casement Windows:  Casements are outward opening windows which may be a combination of fixed, top hung or side hung lights.

If you are not sure which type best suits the style of your home and your needs we will be happy to advise.

Casement Windows:  As far as we are concerned, the days of chunky plastic windows have gone.  Our range offers one of the slimmest, best looking casement windows available in white, warm mahogany or golden oak wood grain finish, to suit your house.

Our casement windows closely resemble traditional joinery details, as they are manufactured using REHAU S706 externally beaded profile.  The have a pleasingly clean profiled appearance, particularly from the inside face.  Back to top

Wood effect window frame with diamond leaded glass

REHAU, one of Europe's leading polymer producers, has been manufacturing profiles for PVC u windows for over 40 years.

Designed specifically for the UK markets's variable weather conditions, to exacting German engineering guidelines, REHAU profiles are manufactured in North Wales

Besides in house tests, REHAU systems are tested by independent bodies such as the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the British Board of Agrement  (BBA).  Quality control is paramount.  Back to top

White framed bay window
Rehau Logo

New windows can dramatically improve the look of your home and, as with other home improvements, are an investment in your property and need to be considered and decided with care.

We do not believe in offering sales gimmicks, sales pitches or special offers, instead we rely on the quality of our products, the high standard of our work and great pricing. 

Have this reminder of the QUESTIONS TO ASK when you make enquiries from any supplier or installer.

ISLANDERS HELPING ISLANDERS  :  Putting people before profit

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Amazing Glazing, 109 School Green Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9AZ

Tel: 01983 752520, Fax: 01983 759759

Email:  contact@amazingglazingonline.co.uk (or copy and paste into your email programme)

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Whether you want Leaded, Georgian Bar, Clear, Patterned or Stained Glass in your windows, we can help you choose the right look for your home and your budget.

Reinforcement:  Windows will be reinforced with galvanised steel where either size or location makes this a requirement.

Trickle Ventilation:  Permanent ventilation can be achieved without compromising security, by fitting a trickle vent into the frame, ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms where water vapour needs to be dissipated quickly.  Back to top

White bay window

Glazing Options: The diverse range of our glazing options means you can really reflect your individual style and personality in your windows.

Amazing Glazing has a variety of window styles to choose from:  Windows are available as sliding sash, Casement or Tilt & Turn.

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